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You Just Saved $627 a Month!

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Did you know the perfect storm for Johnston County home buyers is happening right now?! With yesterday’s release of the CPI (Consumer Price Index) data being much lower than expected, and the coinciding dip in interest rates from a high of 7.5% down to 6.6% PLUS the recent price reduction of our new homes makes right now a great time to buy your Johnston County home!

Here’s the Math!

Using this Goodwin Chase home as our example, it was originally priced at $454,900 when it first hit the market. The price of this Furyk floor plan has been reduced to $399,900! That’s a whooping $55,000 price reduction!

Goodwin Chase New Home

If this home had been purchased for $454,900 at the peak of the interest rates (7.5%) using a USDA 100% financed loan, the monthly payments would have been $3,181 per month (taxes and insurance not calculated in the monthly payment).

Today’s Mortgage Rates

Financing 100% of the reduced price ($399,900), with an interest rate of 6.6%, the monthly payment would be $2554 a month (taxes and insurance not calculated in the monthly payment). That’s a savings of $627 per month! What could you do with $627 a month?

Want to Save Even More Money?

What if you could buy down the rate by 1% (via a lender/seller credit), your new interest rate would be 5.6%! Again, using the same home as the example above, financing 100% of the sales price, your monthly payment (taxes and insurance not calculated) would be $2,296! When you compare this payment against the $3,181, you just saved an eye-popping $885 a month! Again, this begs the question… what could you do with $885 per month?

This Could be Your Window in Time

Window of Time to Act

Right now might be your “window in time” to think about buying your new home. Buyers have more homes to choose from. Multiple offers are rare. Due diligence fees and earnest money fees are back down to earth. Waiving inspections are the exception and not the rule. Competition between buyers is pretty much nonexistent! Johnston County new home builders are more flexible and are willing to work with buyers! Lenders are more willing to work with buyers!

If you are curious about your home buying options, contact our Jaclyn Smith Properties Team today. Don’t let this unique buying opportunity pass you by!

*“The Math” is a hypothetical example based on above average credit scores, 100% financing, no PMI/MIP, or taxes/insurance. You are encouraged to seek the advice of the builder’s preferred lender for your personal interest rate and monthly payment.

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