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Johnston County New Home

New Year, New JoCo Homeowner Checklist

Welcome new Johnston County homeowners! Are you feeling overwhelmed with the tasks at your new house? If so, you should not be worried because the Jaclyn Smith Properties team has you covered. We understand that this transition is not an easy process. As a team, we want to support you during this transition.

Look no further than our very own Jaclyn Smith Properties New Homeowner Checklist, which is filled with helpful advice for when you begin your new journey. Checkout this excellent checklist that will get your home ready for 2023 below.

Be sure to label your boxes

Check off the Basics

  • Utilities – Before moving all of your personal belongings into the home, check and set up utilities. Be sure your electricity, cable/fiber, water, and gas services are up and running.
  • HOA – Have your HOA contact info handy when you set up a payment schedule or decide to add a fence or screen in your porch and need approval.
  • Addresses – Don’t lose your mail! Be sure to send in a change of address. Update all important documents and subscriptions.
  • Measurements – Grab a tape measurer and get to work! Having accurate dimensions of your rooms in your floor plan and furniture will make the move more smooth. You do not want to discover that your items are too big or small for the space on move-in day. Keep a pencil and paper handy to record these measurements.
  • Packing  – When packing up your old home, organize boxes by room. This will make it easier for you to know where to place each box. Get your kids involved and have them help pack their toys!
  • Cleaning – Who doesn’t like a sparkling, tidy home? If you are buying a new home, your builder will handle this. If you are purchasing a resale, spend some time cleaning each room a few days before relocating to get everything ready.

Move-in Day

Couple Preparing to Move
  • Unpacking – Bring in your well-organized boxes into each designated room. Think to yourself what items you might reach for first. The kitchen and bathroom are two great starting points. again, be sure to get the kids involved with unpacking, especially their toys.
  • Moving Expenses – Keep an ongoing list of all moving expenses. This might come in handy during tax season!
  • Security – Settling into your new home comes with safety. Consider changing locks and/or upgrading the security system.
  • HVAC – Getting a new home inspection is in your best interest and for your safety. Make sure the filters are clean for proper heating and cooling. Maybe even consider buying replacement filters on a quarterly subscription from Amazon.
  • Keep your NHO (New Home Orientation) booklet handy! That should include your warranty information for your appliances, foundation warranty, HVAC system warranty, garage door opener warranty, along with your air filter sizes, your paint colors, and so much more!

Feeling Prepared?

Are you ready to check off all the boxes? We trust this checklist will help reduce the stress and confusion that sometimes accompanies the moving journey

Need more assistance? The Jaclyn Smith Properties team is willing to help! Give us a call or send us a text to (919) 813-0123!

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