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Home Staging Tips and Tricks

Ready to stage your home but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry because the team at Jaclyn Smith Properties has a few tips and tricks for you to sell your home! 

  1. Remove personal photographs – Take down personal photographs and children’s artwork when staging your home. Potential buyers are interested in the house and not your personal life. Fill picture frames with landscape images. Instead of photos, spice up your decor with floral arrangements, coffee table books, and candles. 

2. Enhance your curb appeal – Go from drab to fab by enhancing your home’s exterior. Make a great first impression by sprucing up shrubs, flowers, and other greenery. Touch up or repaint shutters, doors, or your entire home! If you have a front porch, add a few chairs or simplistic furniture to make it inviting to the public!

3. Less is more – Stage your living room and other spaces with less furniture. Pare down some pieces to create a cleaner look. A lot of furniture can appear cluttered. Opening up the space with less furniture will help buyers imagine themselves in the home. 

4. Create “Hotel bedrooms” – Take a trip into a luxury hotel through the use of nice linens, pillows, and throw blankets. Clean lines and tucked sheets will amp up the elegance to any bed. Large throw pillows with cozy blankets add a cozy and inviting feel. Be sure to declutter your room as well, including the side tables. 

Although staging your home can feel overwhelming, we hope our tips and tricks could come in handy when this process comes along. Feel free to comment below other home staging tips, we would love your feedback!

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