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Welcoming 2024 with An Exciting Announcement!

A Whole New Era: From Jaclyn Smith Properties to RiverWILD

2024 has started with an incredible transformation, and we’re ecstatic to share this with you. Back in 2014, Reid and Jaclyn Smith began a remarkable journey, driven by their passion for people and a vision to merge business acumen with a culture of compassion. Now, as we near our tenth anniversary, this journey takes a bold new step.

RiverWILD Team

A Decade of Growth and Transformation

As we approach this significant ten-year milestone, it’s not just about celebrating our past achievements; it’s about evolving and making a deeper impact on people and communities. It’s with great pride that we announce the transition of Jaclyn Smith Properties into one unified, vibrant brand – RiverWILD Real Estate! This year, we bid a heartfelt goodbye to our old brands and step forward with excitement under the WILD banner.

Be sure to watch the video below to discover RiverWILD’s story and what it means to be on one WILD team.

Embracing Our New Identity

Our excitement is boundless as we introduce this new chapter. It’s a thrilling new phase that opens doors to unparalleled opportunities in real estate. This transformation is not just a rebranding; it’s an evolution of our spirit and a commitment to continue our journey with even greater passion and dedication.

RiverWILD Team

Discover Our New Digital Home

We invite you to explore an even better real estate experience at our new website. It’s a comprehensive platform where you can dive into a vast array of property listings, discover neighborhood gems, and meet the talented individuals who form the heart of RiverWILD Real Estate.

RiverWILD website

Join Us on This Remarkable Journey

We’re embarking on an exciting path, and we’d love for you to be part of it. Our journey goes beyond real estate transactions; it’s about fostering dreams, and enhancing the fabric of our communities. Whether you’re looking to buy a new home that fits your story or sell your property as you set out on your next adventure, we’re here to make it happen. Together, we’re not just conducting business; we’re building lives, one home at a time. 

RiverWILD team in office

Expressing Our Gratitude

The overwhelming support and kind words from all of you have been the backbone of this transition. Your trust and belief in us have fueled this significant change. We’re incredibly thankful for your companionship on this journey and look forward to continuing to serve you as a WILD brand.

Family at their new house

Redefining Real Estate in 2024

Here’s to the beginnings of an exciting new chapter, to the bright prospects that 2024 brings, and to the wonderful experiences that await us at RiverWILD Real Estate. We’re thrilled to navigate this journey with you, building on a decade of growth and moving forward with renewed energy, purpose, and the distinctive WILD spirit. Contact RiverWILD Real Estate today, and let’s turn your real estate dreams into reality.

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