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Heart of the Home: A Peek into Jaclyn Smith’s Family Home

At the end of a long work day, Jaclyn Smith goes back to the comfort of her own home. The Smith house sits humbly on beautiful countryside farmland in the heart of Johnston County. The home is the perfect cozy farmhouse to gather with family, relax, and rewind. 

The kitchen is where Jaclyn spends a lot of her time. Whether it is cooking dinner for the family, grabbing snacks for the kids, or filming for a Jaclyn Smith Real Estate Tips Video, Jaclyn can be found in her white finished kitchen. 

On one side of the kitchen, floating wood shelves tie in that farmhouse feel as well as the farmhouse sinks. All stainless steel appliances add a sleek look to the kitchen. 

A fun fact is that the fridge is hidden in disguise by cabinets. It gives a clean and cohesive look to the space. 

Another room that Jaclyn and her family love to spend time in is the living room. Every day and night, memories are made in this specific room. It is the main stage for her kids to practice their dance routines, watch TV and have family game nights.

Jaclyn’s comfy plush couch is complemented by textured blue accent pillows. The contrast between the dark, heavy wood and soft tan accents makes the room feel calm and cozy. Since it is so inviting, it is the perfect area for afternoon cuddles with her children.

After working with the Jaclyn Smith Properties team and being on the farm, the snuggle is real. Curling up with a cup of coffee and a book is exactly what Jaclyn needs to settle down. Currently, she has been loving farm fresh cook books!

These two rooms can be considered the heart of the Smith Family’s home. It is the central hub for meals, bonding, and family gathering. Everyday the Smiths are so thankful to be living in such a tight-knit, welcoming community.

Want More Sneak Peeks Into Jaclyn’s Home? 

Comment down below if you are interested in seeing more of Jaclyn’s home. Jaclyn Smith Properties is happy to serve you in buying, selling, or renting a home. We are the #1 Real Estate Team in Johnston County and #7 in the Triangle! Let us help you today! Please contact us here if you are interested. 

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