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5 Signs It’s Time to Move

a younger couple meeting with a real estate agent outside of a homeWhether you loved your home when you moved in or it was a home “just for now,” chances are once you get a few years into your house, you may find that it doesn’t fit your needs quite like it used to. But how will you know if it’s really the right time to sell? There are some good indicators that it’s time to hit the road and find something new. Here are a few helpful signs that it’s time to sell your home!

1. You’ve Studied the Market

Right now we’re in a seller’s market, so it’s an awesome time to sell a home. There’s high demand and homes are selling quickly. That means not only are you likely to sell soon, you’re likely to get a competitive price for your home. If you’re interested in moving, don’t wait for the market to cool off! Make your move now and take advantage of these hot market conditions.

2. You’ve Built Equity

If you’ve been in your home for a few years and been making regular payments, then you’ve probably built up some equity on your home. Especially if your home value has increased since you purchased it. You can use your home equity towards the purchase of a new home, which means you’ll be taking less out in loans. If you haven’t built up any equity yet, it might be worth waiting to sell your home, or else you’ll be spending even more money and not getting the best return on your investment.

3. You Know Where You Want to Move

exterior of a One27 home in clayton ncYou might feel like you’re ready to move, but in this market, you don’t want to sell until you know where you want to go! Things are moving so quickly that if you put your home on the market, there’s a good chance that it will sell fast. You’d better have somewhere to go before you decide whether or not to put your home on the market!

4. The House of Your Dreams is on the Market

Because things are moving so quickly in the housing market, if you see the home of your dreams, go ahead and snatch it up! You don’t want to miss out just because you were worried about whether or not your home will sell. If you’re not sure what your home could be worth, or what the process is like, Jaclyn Smith Properties can help you navigate the whole process from start to finish.

5. It Makes Financial Sense

mature couple talking to financial planner at homeTake advantage of the market! It’s possible your home is worth more than you think it is. I’d be happy to complete a free Comparative Market Analysis for you in order to discover exactly how much your home is worth. And because now’s a great time to sell, this could be an excellent opportunity to upgrade or downsize your home depending on what your needs are. This can help you build your investments as well as put you in a home that’s perfect for you.

Ready to Take Advantage of the Market?

If you’re thinking of selling your home, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here to help you sell your property and make the home selling processes as headache-free as possible. Be sure to check out my website for a free CMA to find out what your home is worth or give me a call at 919-913-0123!

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