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Top 5 Spring and Summer Home Trends

In need of some change in your home? If so, Jaclyn Smith Properties is here to help with some 2021 home trends that can spruce up your space! These trends will enhance and bring light to any place in your humble abode during the upcoming spring and summer months! 

Make sure to comment down below what trend you are most looking forward to using in your own home! 

1. Peel & Stick Wallpaper 
Peel & stick wallpaper is becoming a hot trend of 2021. With wallpaper you can make a statement wall, backing of cabinets, or on shelves. The perk of using peel and stick is that it is just a large sticker. When you are in need of a change, you can just remove it. Many people are using this decorative way of living in multiple rooms such as a mural in a bedroom or a hallway to spice up the scenery. 

2. Rattan Furniture 
Rattan and wicker furniture is continuing on in 2021. It is so versatile you can use it in your indoor or outdoor spaces. It blends and goes with pretty much anything, giving it a rustic element. This natural look mixes greatly with other fabrics, textures, and prints. With this beautiful piece of furniture, you can make any space visually interesting.

3. Plants and Greenery 
Become a plant fanatic and incorporate live plants around your home. Not only does it bring greenery to the space, but also illuminates a beautiful look. If you have a space with open windows and lots of natural light, incorporate real versus faux plants. Visit your local greenhouse for some gorgeous greenery. 

If you are near the Clayton area, Lee’s Produce Garden Center has a wonderful selection of hanging planters, ferns, flowers, and much more. It is in fact right down the street from the Jaclyn Smith Property office. 

4. Color Upon Color 
Don’t be afraid to incorporate color into your space. Using primary colors such as yellow, red and blue will brighten up a room and add lots of character. Statement decor such as vases and books that are full of colors will also pop against different textures and natural elements in your home. 

5. Room Doors and Dividers
Now, an open floor plan is moving out as a divided room is the new thing. By using natural colored room dividers, your space can hold more privacy and have separated sections. A fun idea is to use a room divider, like the one above, as a unique statement headboard. 

What Are Your Top Home Trends?

The Jaclyn Smith Properties team would love to see photos of these trends in your own home! Be sure to post them on Facebook and Instagram and don’t forget to tag the Jaclyn Smith Properties team! 

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