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10 Things to Know About Megan Tipton

Family First!

#1 When asked what comes first in her life Megan is quick to say God has blessed her with an amazing man who is a sweet husband in Brian Tipton.

She gushes that he has one of the coolest jobs ever- sign language interpreter! If you watch the evening news you may even see Brian signing for NC Governor Roy Cooper when he holds his news conferences.

Brian Tipton Signing for Governor Roy Cooper’s News Conference

Loves Being a Mom

#2 Megan is a proud mommy to a sweet, handsome, and fun-loving 5-year-old little boy, Elijah!

Megan and Elijah at the beach

Avid Crossfitter!

#3 To know Megan is to know she is passionate about healthy lifestyle choices, especially crossfit. She loves going to Crossfit Clayton, with Brian.

Foodie at Heart

#4 Megan’s favorite food is almost anything Italian. Her favorite Italian Restaurant is Maggiano’s Little Italy.

Citizen of the Caffeination!

#5 Megan is our resident coffee fanatic. When she is “out & about” you’ll probably find her at either Boulevard Coffee or Starbucks.

The Eternal Optimist

#6 Megan lives out her faith with her favorite quote… “With God all things are possible!”

The Heart of the Home- The Kitchen!

#7 Megan loves baking and cooking. Her favorite dish to make is? You guessed it… an Italian dish – Baked Ziti!

Baked Ziti

NC – Variety Vacationland

#8 If you live in Clayton, North Carolina, it’s super easy to get to the mountains (4 hours away) and the beach (2 hours away). Megan loves both! Her favorite vacation spots are Myrtle Beach and Boone, North Carolina.

Megan loves a good movie

Favorite Movies?

#9 Megan’s favorite movie genres are comedies & love stories. On the comedy side, she loves “The Hangover” 😜 and on the romance side, ❤️ “You’ve Got Mail”.

Local Homegrown Girl!

#10 Megan grew up in the Knightdale/Wendell/Raleigh area. She currently calls Clayton home and loves it here.

Dog Lover!

Elijah and his dog

Bonus Fun Fact! Megan also wanted everyone to know she is an over the moon dog lover too!

Living Out the RiverWild Core Values

Adherent to the RiverWild core values, Megan is vigilant to exhibit the “Will to Win”, remains “Intentionally Adaptable”, demonstrates what it means to “Live Compassionately”, and she is “Disciplined in her Execution” of her role as the NextSteps Coordinator!

Beyond being a loving wife, awesome mom, and an all-round terrific person, Megan is a vital member of the Jaclyn Smith Properties Team. The goals we achieve each year would not happen without Megan’s ability to get buyers to a successful closing. Thanks, Megan for all you do!

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