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Meet Our Newest Jaclyn Smith Properties Team Member – Magnolia!

If you follow us on Facebook (and you should be following us), 10 days ago we introduced to you, our newest (fur) member on the JSP team… Maggie aka Maggie-Moo/Mags! Those are all shortened versions of Magnolia.

Here’s a little secret behind why we gave our new puppy her name, Magnolia. Our JSP logo has a Magnolia blossom in the center. 🙂

Come Along with Us

We would 💚love for you to help us pick Maggie’s official name and follow along as we go through the process to register her with the American Kennel Club. Learn More about her name choices below!

Lovable Magnolia!

Our Mags is a lovable Saint Bernard, and the second pet we have owned in this breed. If you know much about Saint Bernards, they have the following sweet characteristics:

  • Maggie loves everyone. She is terrific with our children and with our other dog, River.
  • Look at those paws! Full grown, Saint Bernards are large animals weighing in at 120 to 180 pounds.
  • This breed does tend to shed and drool. If you are a neat-freak, this breed probably isn’t suited for you. Nor are they well-suited for apartment living either. Need a new home for you and your pet? Yeah, we can help with that. 🙂
  • Mags is in full-on puppy mode. She’s 10 weeks old and she will likely stay in the puppy stage longer than other breeds that tend to mature faster.
  • By nature, Saint Bernards are very caring animals. The first Saint Bernards were used to serve along side Monks who administered hospice care in addition to serving to help rescue those stranded in the Alps.
Maggie the Saint Bernard Puppy

Maggie’s Breeders & Pedigree Name

Maggie’s mom and dad were both registered Saint Bernards from the Slaton Saints breeders. This Ohio-based breeder has produced over 100 champion Saint Bernards.

The father of Maggie’s registered name is “GCH CH. Slaton’s Piece of the Rockie Mountain“. Rockie was a show dog.

Her mom’s registered name is “Slaton’s the Clear Choice“. AKC tradition dictates that all purebred Saint Bernards maintain their family names in perpetuity.

Our goal is to help incorporate a piece of her parents’ names into Maggie’s registered name.

Help Us Choose Maggie’s AKC Name!

Here’s were we need your help. Join the fun and help us select the AKC registered name for our Maggie from the following choices.

  • Magnolia Rockie Smith
  • The Rock of Magnolia Smith
  • The Clear Magnolia Smith
  • Mountains of Magnolia Smith

Leave a Comment – Pretty Please!

Which of the above names do you like? Leave us a comment and let us know.

And don’t forget to return to our blog often to see the “Adventures of Maggie“!

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