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Off to the Shops: Businesses in Riverwood

Riverwood ShopsImagine waking up and being able to wander down the street to a little cafe, or being able to drop by a cake shop on your way home, or knowing there’s a solution to your ice cream craving just minutes away! This is the reality of life at Riverwood Athletic Club.

Not only is there a school and a medical center within the community, there are businesses as well. Nothing gives Riverwood Athletic Club that small-town feel quite like having cute little shops just down the road.

Twisted River Hair Studio

Twisted River is a trendy little salon. The staff is super friendly and they know what they’re doing when it comes to cutting, dying, and styling hair. They have tons of long time clients who all rave about them. Their shop is clean and modern, which means you can take a few minutes to feel like a movie star, just a few minutes from your front door.

Lyla Jones Bake Shop

Travel Cake

Delicious travel-themed cake by Lyla Jones Bake Shop

These cakes are incredible. Like, deserve their own show on TLC incredible. Every cake produced by Lyla Jones Bake Shop was made on the premises. From the cake itself to the fondant and butter cream: all of it made by hand with the best ingredients!

Whether you’re in need of a towering birthday cake with elaborate decorations or in the need of a pick-me-up cupcake, Lyla Jones Bake Shop has exactly what you’re looking for.

Domino’s Pizza

Pizza is the perfect food for a movie night, a party, a date, or an evening in in your pajamas. Having a Domino’s Pizza in your neighborhood makes it all even better. You won’t have to worry about the pizza being cold by the time it gets to your house, it’s just coming from down the road.

The Postal Center

This is one of those conveniences I always forget I need until I need it — especially around holidays… and birthdays… and weddings…. Actually, just about anytime there’s a special occasion. Thank goodness for having a postal center right in your backyard.

Mimmzi’s Ice Cream and More!

What’s better than ice cream on a hot summer day? Having ice cream on a hot summer’s day that’s located between your house and the pool. Mimmzi’s has all kinds of delicious flavors and special ones around holidays. It makes the perfect treat for a hot summer day – or a chilly autumn day when you’re in the mood for pumpkin spice ice cream!


Looking to Live in Riverwood?

Want to learn more about Riverwood Athletic Club? I’m always happy to answer questions or provide any information you might need. Just give me a call!

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